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Statement of Teaching Philosophy
It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
Albert Einstein
Christine's teaching philosophy is exemplified in Einstein’s statement. She believes that learning should be a creative experience for students and that the role of the teacher is to awaken the joy of learning for each individual. As an educator, her job is to inspire and motivate students, to act as a mediator between the curriculum and the students, and to lead students towards knowledge rather than imposing her truth onto theirs. This allows both the teacher and the student to take the leap of learning together as they approach each new classroom experience. She believes in the democratic classroom where the traditional power structure is dismantled and teacher and students create a holistic learning environment in which learning is a shared experience.

Courses taught at Temple University

Contemporary Dance Practices: Post-Judson Dance Practices II
Contemporary Dance Practices: Foundational Principles of Early Modern Dance II
Dance Composition I
Movement Improvisation I
Music for Dancers
Shall We Dance? Dance as a Narrative in American Film

Courses taught at Rider University

The History of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz
Survey of Dance History from a Global Perspective

The History of Choreography
Pedagogy and Methodology in Dance
Modern Dance Technique
First Year Seminar

Courses taught
at The College of New Jersey
First Year Writing Seminar: Dancing Cultures, Dancing Heritage
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