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The following is a list of residencies available for elementary school children.

NOTE: Custom designed dance education projects specific to desired curriculum are encouraged and welcomed. Each project is uniquely tailored for the individual classrooms, the educators, and the needs of the school district. These projects are also well suited for special learners and language learners.
  1.  Alphabet Dances

  2.  Animals in their Habitats

  3. Carnival of the Animals

  4. Colonial Dance

  5.  Human Rights

  6.  Insect Informance

  7.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

  8.  Oceanography

  9.  Passport Project

  10.  Peter and the Wolf

  11.  STOMP

  12.  Tappy Math (multiplication)

  13.  The Nutcracker Ballet

  14.  The Solar System

  15.  Weather Informance

  16.  Who's In Rabbit's House

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