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Dance Education Residencies

Weather Informance

This dance residency links science and dance education. Children create a theatrical experience about weather patterns, they investigate the qualities of the weather and explore more deeply, through the art of dance and movement, what those qualities are and how those qualities exist. 

Collaboration of Content Areas Covered  Weather (Science), Poetry and Haiku writing (LA), Dance and Choreography, Music and Orff sound carpets.

Learning Expectations

Weather and Climate: Language Arts: Listening:

Dance: Dynamic Bodies, Dance as a Way of Knowing: Media Literacy: Use a variety of visual, auditory, and verbal information to construct meaning.

Insect Informance


Movement and dance help students to focus and engage in learning; to apply their kinesthetic intelligence; to understand concepts and themes; to develop and refine their higher level thinking skills; and to cooperate and collaborate with each other.​

In this residency, second grade students learn about the behaviors and life cycles of insects through a collaborative arts project. Children investigate the diversity of animals in ecosystems by singing bug songs, creating their own bug choreography and by composing bug sound carpets for the bug dances.

The assessment tool for this project is a final performance, culminating the students' explorations of science knowledge with the arts.

Tappy Math


Area of Research

In this teaching method, children explore concepts of multiplication through movement and specifically, the rhythms of tap dancing.


This dance research is designed to reinforce and strengthen math curriculum taught in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. 

Children shown in slide three are dancing an array. In this model they are learning values of numbers through physical movements and spatial relationships.


Students explore the wonderful underwater world of Oceanography through movement and choreography.


Children learn that oceans contain complex ecosystems, regulate and impact the life within, weather patterns and, global climates as we now know them, through improvisation, dance, songs and performance. Student-made artwork becomes the stage set.

A written component is included in this residency that helps promote the student's vocabulary skills, spelling, and understanding of curriculum.

Alphabet Dances

In this arts integrated residency, cross curricular learning transfers knowledge between dance and language arts.

Utilizing tools from the Handwriting without Tears curriculum and the Bill T. Jones book,

Dance, students: 

  • Learn about lines, lines in space and combinations of lines.

  • Begin to employ a variety of strategies to gain understanding of  text.

  • Understand and begin to use the writing process to convey ideas and information for different audiences and purposes.

  • Use their bodies as a way of knowing.

  • Begin to demonstrate knowledge of print, conventions of print, and written language. 

Peter and the Wolf


Prokofiev's score of Peter and the Wolf creates a wonderland of adventure in this dance residency. 

Students embark on an integrated learning journey through movement, music, art, and language arts, covering Common Core State Standards. 

Residency culminates with a performance with live musicians, costumes, and scenery. Children produce their own version of the tale and produce their own artwork/character masks.

Nutcracker Ballet


Children enjoy the magic of the season with this delicious ballet residency. Candies in the Land of Sweets awaken and dance as the tale of the Nutcracker Prince comes to life.


This version of the famous Russian ballet is choreographed specifically for the younger child. Photos shown here include children ages three to ten. 


Storytelling, arts and craft projects, magic, and movement are all part of the creative process for this holiday residency.

Carnival of the Animals


French composer, Camille Saint-Saëns, provides a magical score for young dancers as they rehearse and perform to his music. Children ages three to ten are transformed into marching lions and tigers, hens and roosters, tortoises, elephants, birds, and swans as they dance their assigned roles. 


Pictured here is a beautiful mermaid who dances the part of Aquarium under the deep blue sea. 

This magical experience is enhanced with face-paint and jewels, making their performance memorable. 

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